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Top 5 best kitchen Electric Chimney’s brands price list in india to buy online

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Day by day our kitchen is also going to smart, we have to add smart kitchen appliances to reduce women’s stress and work get it done more faster.
So, we are going to discuss here today about buying guide and tips to buy best branded kitchen chimney.

If you are cooking on your hob, then you certainly need a chimney to enhance the beauty of a kitchen and keep your kitchen clean.

Why you need Chimney in your kitchen

Generally, people use Exhaust Fan in the kitchen to remove food smoke out of the kitchen but Exhaust Fan can’t remove complete oil and smoke from the kitchen. that makes kitchen dirty, oily and black carbon shade comes on the wall. also create some illness like headaches, nose problems like sinusitis, eye problems, allergic reactions like asthma, etc. that’s why we need to install best kitchen chimney in our kitchen.

kitchen chimney buying/selection guide

Types of kitchen chimney

1) Wall Mounted chimney –
kitchen chimney attached to the wall and hob or gas adjacent the wall. these chimneys don’t require a ducting pipe to exhaust smoke.

2) Island chimney –
In this type kitchen chimney installed to the center of the kitchen.

3) Auto Clean Chimney –
When oily food is cooked, electric chimney pulls oil and carbon that sticks to the filter of chimney. after such day passed some oil drip in the oil collector. That’s why kitchen chimney needs to clean in regular interval. Here automatic kitchen chimney comes in the role. Auto clean chimney avoids sticking oil particles and improves the chimney suction power and increase the lifetime of the chimney. and it’s very useful to clean by single clicking button.

Types of kitchen chimney filter

1) Cassette filter – Is a multi-layer aluminum work that contains little gaps wherein flavors and oil stick on to shape a covering. This covering can here and there square the channel and suction control. It is not suggested for Indian kitchens.

2) Baffle filter – Is slice and curves innovation to separate oil atoms and flavors from smoke. Regardless of the possibility that the oil gets gathered in the lower layer, it doesn’t influence even one percent of suction power. some chimney also come up with removable baffle filter that doesn’t require a technician to clean it. baffle filter 30% over then Cassette filter(recommended).

Suction Power

It means an ability of chimney to throw out air from your house. The ideal chimney will have 800-1000 m3/hr suction power.

Size of Chimney

Choose chimney equal to your gas stove. Chimney has two different sizes.

1) 60 cm Width – it’s suitable for equal to 2 feet height with cooktop and good for 2 burners.
2) 90 cm Width – it’s suitable for more than 2 feet height with cooktop and good for 3/4 burners.

keep in mind that the distance between an electric chimney and a cook top should be between 26 to 30 inches.

kitchen chimney brands

Now days best brand model available in various price range of kitchen chimney to buy online. Like Faber, Sunflame, Elica, Bright Flame, Prestige, Pigeon, Glen nad many More….

Let’s Quick look for best Kitchen chimney –

Top 5 best Kitchen chimney price for indian kitchen –

1) HINDWARE 90cm 1200 CLEO 90 Hood Chimney 900mm

HINDWARE 90cm kitchen Chimney

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2) Hindware 1200 M3/Hr Cleo 60 Cm Auto Clean Hood 600Mm Chimney


HINDWARE 60cm kitchen Chimney

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3) Bright Flame Flame Kitchen Chimney – Z-Black 1100M3/Hr & Lifetime Warranty,Black


Bright Flame Kitchen Chimney

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4) Elica Kitchenhood – TCG BF 60 NERO


Elica Kitchenhood


Check Price On Amazon


5) Sunflame Venza 60 BK 1100 m3/h Chimney


Sunflame Venza


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